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Movement Disorder Emergencies

15 April 2024 by Shahriar Lahouti. CONTENTS Preface Hypokinetic Movement Disorders Neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS) Serotonin syndrome Malignant hyperthermia Catatonia Parkinsonism Differentials Pathogenesis Acute...

Opioid Intoxication

19 February 2024 by Shahriar Lahouti. CONTENTS Preface Pharmacology Opioid intoxication Clinical manifestations Differential diagnosis Investigations Diagnosis Treatment Naloxone Management Principles Overview...

neurological examination

Neurologic Examination In Adult

13 February 2024, by Shahriar Lahouti. CONTENTS Introduction Mental status examinatation Brainstem and Cranial nerve (CN) Overview of brainstem anatomy Optic nerve: CN2 Visual field: CN2 Pupillary light reflex: CN 2,3...

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